The 21st National Prayer Breakfast a pre- Independence National Event


CFYDDI Team Leader’s were among the invited delegates to the 21st National Prayer Breakfast a pre- Independence National Event organized by the parliament of Uganda.

Attended by the president of Uganda as the chief guest, the first lady and hundreds of political and religious leaders, military chiefs, business monguls, representatives from the diplomatic wings, national leaders, members of the civil society and the international community at the Pearl of African Hotel under the theme; The Power of Character in leadership.

The key note address was delivered by Pastor Johnny Enlow, the founder of Restore 7 Organization, USA and author of the seven Mountain prophecy. “He argued that the distorted narrative that the sole purpose for creation of man is to only seek eternal life is at the centre of misguiding people that what they do in other spheres of life does not matter”.

The guest of Honor and the president o the republic of Uganda. His: Excellence president Museveni in his address he called on leaders not to abuse trust! “ if you are given a little trust, do not abuse it because it because that is the only way God will give you even bigger trust”
The president went on to say “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you will not be honest with greater responsibilities. And if you are untrustworthy about worldly wealth, who will trust you with the true riches of heaven? And if you are not faithful with other peoples things, why should you be trusted with things of your own?


The purpose of the National Prayer breakfast is to give our nation that spiritual Strength which is available to those who will but ask for it; to renew and strengthen those bonds of brotherhood with the faithful across our country and around the world; and to give us the opportunity to ask God’s guidance as well as express our gratitude for that which he has given us and recognize Jesus as our common ground.


CFYDDI Presence at the11th Pan- African Literacy For All Conference (PALFA)

IMG_8697CFYDDI Team Leader Enoch Magala welcoming the President of the Republic of Uganda HE. President Yoweri kaguta Museveni at the Pan_ African Literacy For All Conference.

His Excellence President Yoweri Kaguta Museven President of the republic of Uganda encouraged Ugandans to master reading and writing skills, saying it is a crucial issue that it should not be ignored as a key to personal transformation and national development.
The president underlined the importance of literacy by assuring Ugandans that the government is committed to ensuring all Ugandans are literate. Speaking to over 1000 delegates from over 40 countries to a forum of experts. On the Theme: Literacy: A Bridge to Equity from 20th-22nd August 2019!!
Uganda host for the second time the conference on behalf of Africa, after hosting it in 2003 and it’s the only literacy conference on the continent. in attendance was also the International Literacy association Executive Director Ms. Marcie Craig Post.


The Minister of State for primary Education. Hon: Rosemary Seninde at the centre franked by the Ministry of education Officials, Ms Marcie Craig Post the exective Director for International Literacy Association far right,  Chairperson International Development Committee- Africa (IDC-A) Ms. Margaret Muthiga first on the left hand and the patron for Reading association of Uganda Mrs. Tumusiime Loy.

Opening of CFYDDI Community Library by The Minister of State for primary Education Hon: Rosemary Seninde Opens a bigger opportunity for CFYDDI Community library team to benefit from the first lady’s Scholarship to participate at the 11th Pan- African Literacy For All Conference (PALFA)
The first lady, Honourable Janet Kataha Museveni who heads the ministry of Education and Sports. Benefiting from the first lady scholarship scheme to attend the 11th PALF conference is recognizing the community work we undertake at the community level.
The brief from the state minister for primary education Hon: Seninde on community libraries interests the first lady who picked interest in the community library initiatives and she started by inviting representatives at the literacy conference and we look forward to further meaningful engagement.
Organized by the Reading Association of Uganda (RAU), and the education ministry, the conference provided a platform for literacy experts and researchers to come up with various interventions and findings that will position literacy as a bridge to equity.


The three- day conference brought together delegates including researchers, policy makers, sociologists, multilateral partners, curriculum specialists and literacy educators. The discussions rotated on nine sub-themes such as literacy teaching and coaching across the curriculum, early childhood teaching and learning, gender and sustainable literacy equity, and literacy for equitable student achievement.


During a Group photo with the ministry of Education officials and the Guest of Honour Minister of State For Primary Education Hon: Rosemary Seninde after officially opening the 11the Pan- African Literacy Conference at Serena Hotel.


Children from various schools during a joint  presentation. Amongst the key note speakers lined up included Prof. Mohmood Mamdani, Dr. Sakil Malik, Dr. Robinah Kyeyune and Dr. Wendy saul.

Compiled by CFYDDI Communications team.