The Minister of State for Primary Education Hon: Nansubuga Rosemary Seninde (MP) officially opens CFYDDI Community Library.

A Book in Every Child’s Home And in Every Village!

we were delighted to welcome the minister of state for primary Education as chief guest who officially opened CFYDDI community library on the 26th/ July/ 2019. the event graced by many of community leaders, opinion leaders, school children, head teachers,other community libraries across the country. the minister in her speech pledged her support to ensure more community libraries exist in communities were the majority of people live without constraining to walk long distances. community libraries are endeavoring to demystify the book in our rural communities by making reading materials available and medical books and health programs are undertaken at community levels for free and with much ease thus contributing to fight against illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and diseases.


Minister of State for Primary Education Hon. Rosemary Nansubuga


Enoch Magala CFYDDI Team Leader Shows around the Minister of State for Primary Education Hon. Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde During the official opening of CFYDDI Community Library


Children waiting to welcome the Guest of Honor: The minister of state for primar Education.

IMG_7597.JPGGroup picture with the guests who attended the official opening.


Hon Minister while delivering her speech.


Enoch shows around the Minister Inside CFYDDI Community Library.


Exhibitions by various community library members across the country.


CFYDDI_ Women With A Purpose (WWAP) display the crafts they do on top of weekly saving to boost their house hold incomes.


Prof. kate Parry the founder of Uganda Community library association and the Hon: Mister of state listen to CFYDDI original community library song from Still entertainment group.


Enoch CFYDDI team Leader speaks to the press after the official opening of the community library.


The ministers official vehicle waits as she speaks to the press team at the CFYDDI Youth centre.


The minister of State for Primary Education concluded the event with a call to all Ugandans educated not to shy away from rural communities. she said there are many opportunities for graduates to service community other than staying in cities unemployed. she was excited that all the work was being championed by young people in their 30″.something she said was interesting to learn about. she called upon parents to ensure that children and communities take advantage of such initiatives that support government programs and called on others to learn from our service model.

Report compiled by CFYDDI communications team.


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