CFYDDI Early Learning Centre hosts the inaugural Sports Gala Day!

IMG_3967 (1) While academic learning is important, children must also be given opportunities to exercise, play and compete in sports events in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Friday, July 15, 2018, was a defining moment for CFYDDI’s Early Learning Centre, which hosted over two hundred students, family and friends for the first annual Sports Gala Day.  The event was a resounding success that featured friendly competition between the aspiring young athletes from the Early Learning Centre.


Teams Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange show off their dancing skills under the watchful eye of Judge Richard

Teams Blue, Orange, Yellow and Red competed valiantly in numerous athletic and spirit events, including tyre races, musical chairs, group chanting and choreographed dancing, led by their spirited coaches Madam Iren, Madam Hope, Madam Oliva and Madam Glibwa.  The enthusiastic crowd of parents and family members cheered and danced much like the French and Croatian supporters at the 2018 World Cup Finals.


Some parents could not contain their excitement – and decided to compete in the three-legged race themselves!

Judge Richard from nearby Spire High School judged the four teams based on the results of the various sporting events, team discipline, team spirit and coaching.  After carefully calculating the scores, Richard awarded the trophy to… Team Yellow, in front of a roaring crowd!


Team Yellow was crowned the Winner of the 2018 Sports Gala Day

At the conclusion of the day’s events, the athletes and supporters alike were treated to a nourishing meal, followed by a meeting between the parents and teachers in the CFYDDI Conference Centre.

In the end, the Sports Gala was a day to be enjoyed by all.  This celebration of Centre spirit, teamwork and competition was a wonderful reminder of the importance of exercise and the value of sport to children’s development.  As well, it was a great opportunity for the teachers, children and parents of the Early Learning Centre to join together as a community in support of education and learning.  We are already counting down the days to next year’s event!


Everyone wins when we’re having fun!

Thanks must be extended to Madam Prossy, the master of ceremonies who helped direct the athletes before each event, Alex Kalume for his work as a masterful DJ and to the Centre Team Leader Enoch Magala for helping organize the logistics of the day’s events.

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