CFYDDI Increasing Mapping And Digital Literacy For Rural Communities!

Through Sensitizing local communities and key stakeholders on mapping, CFYDDI brought together a group of 15 young, ambitious youth to be engaged in a Geographical Information System (GIS).


Facilitated by Dylan Patterson CFYDDI Information and Technology expert here below


with assistance from Marcel Shabani a training was conducted and a few more smart phones were purchased for use in the field and the group started with collecting data and digitizing points lines and polygons using ID editor in OSM.

The training was aimed at equipping the young people with skills in Geographical area mapping. It involved updating the existing street map with more features and detailed accurate distance.

The GIS is a system that helps place places of different interest on the map so that they can easily be accessed and located by anyone using the system.


The importance of the activities and the program is to helps people to quickly attain the knowledge of the place , this therefore means that one of the powers of the activities is in the ability to obtain correct information from the community people.

Ø  It shows people where they have access to and were they don’t.

Ø  And to also easily locate places of different interest to different people.

Ø  And to also update the changes in the place, show new developments, new resources, and importance places.


For the day’s activity  session the focus was on moving out to the community, get a spot or a point, using a smart phone, uploading  a form  from the ODK collect app, with pre-determined questions, scan the place, name the place, describe the place and then the collected data is covered collected on the  street mapping.

The young people were divided in 3 groups of around 4 people, and given different routes to take from which they could find features to add to the mapping.


Next up, we have some print out maps for the community and everyone.

Thanks to you Dylan for skilling rural Ugandan youth and thanks to Marcel for your expertise and the entire CFYDDI team for you coordinated efforts in mobilizing the community for a fundamental training.

Brought to you by CFYDDI Communications Team.