Every year the Center for Youth Driven Development Initiatives mobilises communities to get ready and read. this years event saw a total of 290 participting from the community and near by schools.


Some of the books ready were Agricultural books (animal husbandry) that impart agricultural knowledge to the reader .A “Fundamental aspect of women’s health “book, which focuses on the a broader  perspective of women health related issues in general and related to women in particular. “Fire fighting” by Lisa Thompson , A Book that teachers about fires in homes and institutes, how to fight fires and what to know about fires hence equipping the reader with survival and fire prevention skill in case of fire accidents. Sexual health books that give a comprehensive understanding of the human sexual health related issues, how they can be handled, prevented and eradicated especially HIV/AIDs. Religious books (story of creation books), number books, and story books that stimulate the interests of reading among the pupils.

Activities that were completed were;

Individual/silent reading, each person that come had 30-40 minutes to look for and read a book of their choice on their own thus creating a personal attachment to the day and several books of interest. 


 Read aloud; pupils, students community people volunteered to read for the gathering, where we had;

Nakijoba Hanifer an 8 years old P. 2 pupil of Martins Nursery and Pre- primary school reading a book entitled “time” to the audience,

Nampera Hasifah, 12 years and in S.1 at Spire high school eloquently read “Henry and the mudge” with amazing interest,

Poems presentation; Goodwill primary school presented a poem about “Educating a girl child” and the importance of girl child education,

IMG_3990Martins Nursery and pre-primary presented a poem entitled “child Abuse” and “stranger,” were they were urging young children especially girls to stay away from strangers, with much passion and educative message.

Song presentation; CFYDDI Early Learning Centre presented a number counting song that included counting in a rhythmic way to the audience,

Martins Nursery and pre-primary school presented a “Slave in America “song that told of the slave days but also the origin of African American citizens in America. While Goodwill closed the session with a “Touch me lord” song.

CFYDDI Team leader; inspired the S.1 new entrants to secondary from primary level to value and spare quality moments and read. Read books as well as literature that can help them in various ways. And told the teachers, community members present and the students and pupils that CFYDDI community library was established in the community to offer a quality space for continues uninterrupted reading for all.

Children Testimonies for love for the day;  children from the visiting community school in particular from Martins nursery and primary school asked the teacher if they would return when they are taken back for lunch. They wanted to carry back the colorful pictured books and they told their teachers that they saw all the animals’ and plants in the books that they were told about in class. After one hour the children from various schools presented poems, stories, and songs. The rain gave us an opportunity to have a two hour event together on Dear Day. Teacher Testimonies; most of the new teachers did not know of CFYDDI Community library and they were excited that the event opened a new space



Community 1male and 1 female


Celebrating you all our amazing women and girls championing CFYDDI programs on women’s day 2018

Friends, January is usually a highlight for us here at the Center for Youth Driven development Initiatives (CFYDDI) every year because we get to celebrate our annual engagement and get fired up into another impact ful new Year contributing to efforts to end dental decay! While distributing toothpaste and tooth brush. This annual week long community outreach reached out to over 1440 rural flocks.


TeaMMED_ 2018 Global Health Initiatives team sing a dental song to the children that attended the session.

A medical student on commenting on the instant photos during the outreach said “The local people are so lucky to have such an incredible resource near them.” This was such a sharp observation and recognition that we are up to something impactful. Friends join CFYDDI community to applaud the effort of the TeaMMed Global Health Initiatives for spearheading these outreaches now for the fourth year and for demonstrating support and love for a world free from dental decay!


Team stepping forward to teach in buvuma


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One other exciting and interesting moment is seeing the community, children, and youth uniting for fun moments that involve competitive sports. The joy and memories of CFYDDI center day unifies and brightens the community hope to love and care for each other and build more meaningful relations for a health community


community children, women, youth and parents joined sports activities during the CFYDDI Centre day.


Community children enjoy CFYDDI annual centre activities.


The competition left no one behind. it was Ndazabazadde community Vs Australia

From the month of love to women’s day the story of women’s struggle trying every day to sustain their families and trying to become self reliant wouldn’t materialize without supporting and encouraging women like you who support to create a dedicated space to empower.


We the children boys and girls say thank you all the women of honor and dignity for supporting and giving hope to us here at CFYDDI and to our mothers and sisters.

Here at the Center for Youth Driven Development Initiatives (CFYDDI) this year’s International Women’s Day 2018 is an opportunity we will celebrating you all our amazing women and girls championing CFYDDI programs targeting rural young children, adolescent girls and women to help them mobilize for self help projects to improve house hold incomes, for skilling them, ensuring access to better and vital health services, teaching them to keep health, learning how to brush, providing dental services and helping them start formal school and those that had dropped out of school due to teenage pregnancies and those that have lost parents . We wanted to use this opportunity to salute you, honor you, and celebrate your contribution to human development. You have sacrificed your time and resources to help women in Africa to experience new hope. you have been dedicated global ambassadors and mobilized resources through Global Giving and many other individual sources to ensure that rural children, adolescent girls, and women realize their full potential. thank you so much. we have not listed below all your names but we are exceedingly grateful to you for choosing our community for empowerment programs.

Especially with your support, you help our rural community achieve goal SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages. SDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls; and 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.


Thanks for your partnership!

Yours in service from all the people of CFYDDI,  Buvuma Island district, rural wakiso community and Namulesa in Jinja District