“Dental Unmet needs” Uganda oral conditions are of less priority in the midst of competing infectious and non-communicable diseases!


October 2017 dental Camp Attracts over 200 patients but the team see’s and attend to 125 patients and a whooping 75 teeth extracted over 4 days!!!! To Dr. Rebecca, Dr. David and Dr. Chris thanks so much for your community professional presence and to relieve pain

Investing in dental care, Hygiene and Sanitation is at the heart of CFYDDI health agenda.


Above while conducting tutorials on how to properly take care and brush your teeth, providing toothbrushes and toothpaste at the center .


Monash Medical Student during the 2017 dental  awareness community drive.



Community children follow tutorials on how to properly take care and brush your teeth!






Our initiative aims at serving rural and remote communities which have little or absolutely no access to dental healthcare services


A community child demonstrates after being tough how to was hands clean.

And while on the outreach drives, we combine dental awareness campaigns alongside the Water and Sanitation (WASH) campaign with the aim to improve the Hygiene and Sanitation health status of communities by increasing awareness of the risk of water borne diseases and knowledge on how to wash properly our hands.


2017 Monash Medical students teaching on the tooth shape and its function and the reason why we should keep our teeth clean.


Dr. David looking at the long line of those who had turned up to see the dentist!

Having the majority of the population as poor, young and living in rural areas would imply that affordable and public dental services should be widely spread to meet the needs of the population.





CFYDDI Team standing behind and Monash Medical Students 2017 at the front pose for a grand picture