There is delayed use of contraception in rural areas!

During the Family Planing summit in London, Uk, To discuss the 2020 agenda that attracted over 36 countries, Uganda renewed her commitment to increase family planning for all and during the 2nd National family planning conference here in Kampala was the opportunity to engage a wider scoop of actors that would compliment government!


These include us community based organisations that are on the ground, Hon: Members of parliament, Health Department officials, Ministry of Health officials, Line ministries, people with disabilities, young people, district local councils, religious leaders,  cultural leaders, as well as development partners where all present during the conversations to underline the challenges and what needs to be done.


DFID Executive Director giving her key note address.

Among the key note speakers Miriam Namugera, the principle nursing officers of the ministry of health said family planning is important to fight unintended pregnancies. In her address she said that the recent Uganda demographic health survey indicates that out of 100 girls below the age of 16 have become pregnant.

The Minister of state for health Dr. Aceng promised to involve community health extension workers to reach out to those that are not accessing family planning services due to geographical, economic, and social barriers.


The Minister of state for health Dr. Aceng speaking to the press as the countries chief planer Dr. Kisamba Mugewra listens.

Alian Sibenaler, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFP) country representative, said the theme is pertinent for Uganda as it looks towards attaining middle –income status.


The delegates gather for a group picture with the guests of Honor The minster of state for health.

With access to appropriate information and services, young people can truly plan for schooling, work, and childbearing on their terms.

And through our SHARE community and schools program CFYDDI continues to raise awareness among the youth about the risk behaviors that cause unwanted pregnancies.


Dr. Musingunzi on the right and Mr. Alain Sibenaler the UNFPA Representative in the middle during the closing ceremony of the conference.

CFYDDI participation and many others in such national conferences promotes a bottom top learning opportunity and exposure of the rural communities to the big concerns of the world where every person has a role to play! this provided a great opportunity for youth advocates to meet with champions but also provide the champions an opportunity to hear often the unheard rural voices that struggle to access contraception.

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