CFYDDI Strengthens Its Relationship with Buvuma Island District

In a continued effort towards health awareness, CFYDDI recently completed the final of a series of dental health awareness outreach campaigns on Buvuma Island. The community outreach provided dental health sensitisation to several of the camps (densely populated communities of internally displaced persons) on the island. The aim of the outreach is to teach children proper dental hygiene methods: including how to brush, when to brush, and most of all, the importance of healthy teeth. After a playful and engaging demonstration, toothpaste and toothbrushes were distributed amongst local children. A big thanks goes out to Monah University’s TeamMed who donated the resources during the team’s visit last January.


In an attempt to assess the needs of the community, CFYDDI also met with a number of local stakeholders in order to create suitable and effective programs in support of the local community. Challenges including sanitation, health, education, and economic development, to name a few, were discussed. The hospitality of the people of Buvuma was heart-warming; we very much look forward to partnering with them in our work for empowered and community-led development. CFYDDI would like to thank all those who continue to support the centre in serving some of Uganda’s most vulnerable communities.



One thought on “CFYDDI Strengthens Its Relationship with Buvuma Island District

  1. This is wonderful news! Good health to the children and people of Buvuma Island. And thank you to CFYDDI and its medical ties for all your work!


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