CFYDDI Projects Big Ideas through Donation by the ITS Department at King’s University College

CFYDDI would like to send a BIG thank you to the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department at King’s University College at Western University, Canada. The department has generously donated a power point projector to the Centre.

Courtney, Canadian intern at CFYDDI, was previously employed by King’s ITS, and was able to make this connection between CFYDDI and King’s ITS. Dr. Allyson Larkin, Professor at King’s University College, carried the projector from Canada through Tanzania and all the way to CFYDDI’s doors in Uganda. We can’t thank everyone enough for these services rendered! This exciting new addition to our Centre will be used widely! Our extensive collection of DVDs and documentaries can now be viewed publicly, as we intend on hosting documentary nights, as well as screenings of important events and news. It will also be an incredible tool for us when we host conferences and camps at CFYDDI. The projector will be a focal point for community members to congregate and learn at the Centre; we can’t wait to see where it will take us!

Building her Business: CFYDDI Supports Local Businesswoman

CFYDDI has been thrilled to continually be working with Women with a Purpose (WWAP), a group of talented, dedicated, and motivated women of the village, Ndazabazadde. Six women in particular have stuck with us from the beginning – and as we encourage their growth, they do the same for us! With these women, we have a micro-confectionary project based out of one of the participant’s homes. Through this project, we supply local merchants with crisps and baggies of other snacking items. Through our Build Your Business Project, we have also given these women entrepreneurial training to help them succeed in their business endeavours.

One woman in particular, Musimenta Allen, better known as Mama Kasana, has taken her acquired knowledge, skills, and support to begin her own, independent business. At a stand outside of her house, you will find Mama Kasana selling samosas, chapattis, boiled eggs, avocados, and a variety of vegetables to her fellow villagers.


“I saw that I couldn’t always wait for my husband for everything, so I used my savings from WWAP to start a small and flexible business – this allows me to complete my responsibilities at home while still being able to operate the shop. I invested in myself by investing in a business.”

She shared that CFYDDI has been an essential element to beginning her business, emphasizing that her participation in CFYDDI’s projects have taught her to be creative, the purposes of saving schemes, customer service skills, and financial literacy. More importantly, with CFYDDI’s encouragement, she has grown in confidence, sharing that “It taught me that I have potential and innovation within myself.”

Mama Kasana has big dreams for her the future of her business: “I would like to open a wholesales shop with soap, sugar, and salt for the people of this village. This village only has retail shops, not wholesale, so I see a need for it here.” CFYDDI looks forward to seeing what Mama Kasana will achieve, and supporting her every step of that journey.