CFYDDI Strengthens Partnership with Canadian Universities!

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Dr. Larkin, Ugandan Project Supervisors, and Canadian Interns outside of the placement at Uganda Cares, HIV/AIDS Clinic, in Masaka

CFYDDI was thrilled to host Dr. Allyson Larkin, professor at King’s University College at Western University, from January 16th – 19th, 2016. CFYDDI’s partnership with Canadian universities began through the Ugandan Community Library Association’s (UgCLA) partnership with Douglas College in 2015. UgCLA sent two interns from Douglas College for a six-month internship here at CFYDDI. With her visit, Dr. Larkin aimed to understand this partnership better in order to prepare five of her newly graduated students for the coming year’s internship (2016-2017).

During her brief stay in Uganda, CFYDDI was able to share its history, its rapid development in the heart of Ndazabazadde, and its hopes for the future. We were also able to treat her to some of the Ugandan customs and realities that her graduated students will come to know and love: rolex, Kampala traffic, and irresistible music!


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Dr. Larkin, along with recent graduates and Douglas College interns Courtney Vaughan and Jenna Strathearn, being introduced to some of CFYDDI’s youth leaders.

Dr. Larkin, along with three current Canadian interns, Kristen Myers and Courtney Vaughan (of CFYDDI), as well as Jenna Strathearn (placed at Uganda Cares in the Mulago Masaka Regional Hospital) explored the Gadhafi Mosque and the Kasubi Tombs with Enoch. The team then headed to Masaka to see some of the other placements of Canadian interns, who are 20 in total. They were thrilled to see the sustainable projects being worked on by their Canadian colleagues and their respective partners – including a very impressive community garden at Uganda Cares!

Though her visit was short, CFYDDI appreciates greatly the opportunity to have hosted Dr. Larkin during her visit to Uganda. Not only did she come with a taste of home for our Canadian interns, but she also brought many ideas, innovations, and promising prospects for the future. We look forward to seeing her again!


Australian Medical Students Join CFYDDI to Raise Dental Health Awareness!

CFYDDI was honoured to welcome six medical students from Australia and Monash University’s TeamMed for a week of fun and dental health awareness from the 11th to the 15th of January, 2016. The six interns joined our staff to raise awareness about dental hygiene to under-served communities in Ndzabazadde, Buloba and the Buvuma Islands.

The group educated children on proper dental hygiene and the importance of oral health care while conducting tutorials on how to properly take care and brush your teeth, providing toothbrushes and toothpaste donated by the group. The initiative aimed at serving rural and remote communities which have little or absolutely no access to dental healthcare services – this was especially the case during the Buvuma outreach. As Buvuma is an island district, with only one government funded ferry to reach the islands, the residents are quite marginalized in their access to healthcare goods and services. The team of CFYDDI staff and TeamMed delegates aimed to address some of these unmet needs and intend to continue such efforts in the future.

A huge thanks goes to TeamMed and the medical students: through their partnership, we were able to give out over 1200 donated toothbrushes to communities in need.

The students visit was concluded by a Youth Centre Day: a day of fun and activities in Ndazabazadde which included games such as potato sack races, egg relay races, as well as performances from local youth and children. The group also joined the local women’s net ball team for a game ending in a 3-3 draw.

We are so grateful to have been able to host such a wonderful group and are incredibly thankful to them for sharing their time and expertise with our local communities.