CFYDDI Hosts its First of Many Free Dental Health Clinics!

In October, 2015, we were fortunate to host Dr. Rebecca Barr, a dentist from Brighton, UK. Dr. Rebecca spent three weeks with us at the Centre during which we were able to host three dental clinics!

Everyone on the CFYDDI team was engaged. Before patients received care, they were registered with Judith then received important information about oral hygiene and health from Enoch. – thus giving them the knowledge to minimize the risk of future problems. The patients then moved to Dr. Rebecca. As she diagnosed and treated patients, Dr. David provided post-extraction care, while Joanitah and Irene were busy interpreting for the two doctors.

Throughout the process, our new interns, Courtney and Kristen, maintained the sanitation of the equipment, which was so kindly loaned to us by the UK charity, Dentaid. Alongside this, Dr. Rebecca fundraised enough money to pay for all of the disposable items such as needles, anesthetic, and medication. It was truly a testament to the power of teamwork. The interest from the community was staggering: we were able to serve over 93 patients! A huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped make this possible!

One thought on “CFYDDI Hosts its First of Many Free Dental Health Clinics!

  1. Thank you to all of you for this very important accomplishment. My father, a retired dentist, who worked in Mexico, Guatemala and Bolivia volunteering , is very proud of you. Keep up the great work. Our family and friends here in the U.S. are supportive of you and your work 100%.


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