AIDS: Getting to Zero!!! Zero HIV Infection, Zero AIDS Death, and Zero Stigma!

1st December 2014 is World AIDS Day Commemoration!

Hello everyone, hope you’ve had a great since Melbourne in July during the AIDS 2014! It has been action-packed months for CFYDDI since then!

Our highlights include launching various consultative meetings with young people

1) Young people living with HIV speak up!: community consultations



  1. A) Better understand the experiences of young people living with HIV in accessing health services, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health (SRH), HIV and other related services;
  2. B) Identify promising programmatic approaches and recommendations for addressing these young peoples’ health by listening to young people affected by these issues.
  3. C) Launching SHARE Club’s in five secondary schools and community space with a view of creating safe, open spaces for continued dialogue to give and receive information about sex, sexuality and reproductive health with the view of preventing diseases including HIV

2) Organizing one of the successful 7th National pediatrics AIDS Conference 2014

3) Launching the National Protect Your Goal Campaign to combat the spread of HIV

4) Launching the AIDS is Going to LOSE Campaign as part of the World AIDS Day pre- events with partners in various communities and Now Tomorrow 1st December 2014 is World AIDS Day!

On this coming World AIDS Day Commemoration 2014 we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation to ÖRAG Österreichische Realitäten-AG for all the support they have provided for CFYDDI in contributing to AIDS: Getting to Zero through the rigorous Prevention campaigns in schools and communities, wider Consultations with young people in mobilizing a new wave of energy to push back HIV/AIDS and enabling our wide involvement towards the advocacy and awareness campaigns and general work we do. It truly would not be possible to reach out to previously underserved communities and involving young people in helping to shape the trend for reduced HIV infections without your support of our mission and programs. You’ve brought us a long way, and Truthfully, thank you for deciding to make an investment in the work of CFYDDI and in the people we reach and provide service to! Communities have never remained the same and this greatly impacts and gives the community hope: something the world is yearning for in this time of HIV/AIDS.

At CFYDDI we pledge to continue our prevention strategy campaign and remaining exemplary to the youth and  in the face of the world as champions of change and this is an important contribution while those in need of services are given care and referrals for services instantly as need arises.

And as a matter of continued solidarity, we are inviting you to unite in your respective communities to raise awareness of the AIDS pandemic caused by the spread of HIV infection, showing your support for people living with HIV, educating everyone and whoever about their own risk of contracting the virus and to commemorate people who have died from AIDS come 1st December 2014! As the Slogan goes…..” To make any improvement is every one’s responsibility”

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