Fighting COVID-19 Should Remain Everyone’s Responsibility!

We are living through a time of increased uncertainty due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that has plunged the world into a state of uncertainty. Here at the Centre for Youth Driven Development Initiatives (CFYDDI), with support from AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) and other Development Partners, we are conducting a community mass sensitization on COVID-19 prevention and detection to prevent the spread of the virus.


CFYDDI team during a review meeting session at CFYDDI-COVID-19 Community sensitization command Centre!

Our journey in this fight to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 started with CFYDDI mapping the high risk communities and targeting busy rural, semi-urban and slum communities to prepare the masses for the tough time that set in because of COVID-19 and the national lockdown. Operating in Wakiso district, we targeted communities in Kiira municipality, Nansana town council, Nsangi town council, Kasanganti Town council, and Kyengera Town council.


IMG_6912IMG_6942We brought on board 25 community task team to reach out, 15 local community radio programs with a total of 224 talk shows, twice a week, and one of Sky Voice Radio Program for a daily program for seven days a week, in 6 different local languages, broadcasting a total of 122 times run by only half of the frontline community task force members during the months of May and June.


SKY Community Radio voice programing airing COVID-19 Prevention messages to the community.

The community task team has a well-planned schedule for the outreach program and they use high quality loud mega phones that covers a wide range and very suitable in very busy areas as every person can hear the loud voice. It’s also fitted with a serene sound that attracts attention from the communities before one starts delivering the message.


Community frontline sensitization team at CFYDDI Command Centre

Guided by weekly reviews and update information from the National COVID-19 Task Force media updates to the nation by the ministry of health and from the print media This has helped CFYDDI take expert information on the pandemic to the masses to strengthen the community response plan.


CFYDDI-COVID-19 Field Coordinator delivering materials and supplies to another training point

At all times the entire CFYDDI Task Force keeps and adheres to all the standard operating procedures both while at the CFYDDI COVID-19 command center, during the local voice radio programs, during the weekly review meetings and during the community response outreach program. They are all equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment.


CFYDDI- re-strategizing a new approach into ensuring citizens adhere to COVID-19 standard operating procedures put in place by the ministry of health.

Targeting a population of about 3 million people: rural, urban and slum populations with about 40,000 print posters in high resolution attractive colors, we placed illustrations on the posters to ensure we cater for the category that may not read at all of what we wanted masses to follow to prevent and detect cases of COVID-19. We also included the hotline free number for the Ministry of Health to report any community suspected cases. The posters were in both English and the local luganda languages, an act that was highly welcomed by local leaders, community people themselves.


A lady reading in the background a message on how to prevent COVID-19

In just 2 months, we have reached out to 54 communities/ villages and have placed 40,000 posters in each of these communities and worked with 33 local council offices, conducted 224 local community voice talk show programs and we continue to do more.
We have recruited widely and organized a total of 15 trainings for a combined team and 12 training sessions for Nsangi town council group, providing them with essential protective supplies like liquid soap and sanitizers. We have also provided masks, aprons gloves, and sanitizers to the 20 community frontline ambassadors.


CFYDDI-COVID-19 task team member places posters in the communities.

Most targeted communities have no access to communication media like television sets, radios and can`t even afford buying daily media prints to access information and this explains why the
To consolidate efforts to sensitize communities on COVID-19, CFYDDI Still Youth edutainment crew composed two COVID-19sensitization songs “Keeping a Distance” and “CFYDDI Stop COVID-19” to sensitize the masses through music and the lyrics have been played on the local community voice radios. And with support from other partners, we have offered financial support to women groups to resuscitate their small businesses.



CFYDDI- Still Entertainment crew record COVID-19 song

The COVID-19 situation currently in Uganda is at stage three where we are encountering community cases! With the country in stage three this calls for better compliance from the public if we are to prevent mass transmission of COVID-19. Currently however the rapid increasing number of infection is quiet worrying!


Enoch Magala CFYDDI team leader During a COVID-19 Review meeting.

We appreciate you all for taking personal and collective responsibility towards defeating COVI-19.

COVID-19 At Community level in Uganda!


Team working on the Community Voice radio to sensitize Th e Community on COVID-19.

Fellow country men and women, at CFYDDI we are adding our voice to that by the ministry of health to defeat COVID-19! by calling upon all Ugandans to join every effort to keep our communities free from COVID-19! COVID-19 is real and it can kill. Now health experts are telling us that Uganda is at stage three of community transmission which is a huge threat.  we are experiencing a steady raise of community cases in the country and if we fail to stick to the standard operational guidelines put in place by the ministry of health of social distancing, putting on masks at all times when we are in public, avoiding public gatherings, washing hands with soap or using sanitizers among others.


Lets not risk a second lock down yet you all know the pinch we go through when we are out of work. so lets wipe out COVID-19 first by preventing and detecting cases and reporting to responsible authorities at the ministry of health through dialing a call free tool number at 919. Together we can defeat COVID-19!IMG_6645



CFYDDI- Community COVID-19 sensitization team reminding Ugandans to prevent COVID-19.

CFYDDI COVID-19 Emergency Community Response Program.

Before the crisis worsens AHF emergency fund to CFYDDI is responding to the immediate needs to take information to remote communities with quality translated indigenous tailored information on how to better protect them. CFYDDI has placed both English and local posters on how communities can detect and prevent COVID-19 Virus and rolled out a team of community Volunteers reaching deep down in rural communities with prevention information and conducting community radio programs with information. Health– Already under-resourced rural communities cannot afford the healthcare services COVID-19 requires. So preventing the virus from spreading is the best way to go as we follow guidelines by the ministry of Health.


CFYDDI Team Leader during a training for COVID-19 Community volunteers.





Community Volunteer placing up posters in the communities and far in the back a lady reading the poster.


Community Radio program Airing COVID-19 Prevention program.

The 21st National Prayer Breakfast a pre- Independence National Event


CFYDDI Team Leader’s were among the invited delegates to the 21st National Prayer Breakfast a pre- Independence National Event organized by the parliament of Uganda.

Attended by the president of Uganda as the chief guest, the first lady and hundreds of political and religious leaders, military chiefs, business monguls, representatives from the diplomatic wings, national leaders, members of the civil society and the international community at the Pearl of African Hotel under the theme; The Power of Character in leadership.

The key note address was delivered by Pastor Johnny Enlow, the founder of Restore 7 Organization, USA and author of the seven Mountain prophecy. “He argued that the distorted narrative that the sole purpose for creation of man is to only seek eternal life is at the centre of misguiding people that what they do in other spheres of life does not matter”.

The guest of Honor and the president o the republic of Uganda. His: Excellence president Museveni in his address he called on leaders not to abuse trust! “ if you are given a little trust, do not abuse it because it because that is the only way God will give you even bigger trust”
The president went on to say “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you will not be honest with greater responsibilities. And if you are untrustworthy about worldly wealth, who will trust you with the true riches of heaven? And if you are not faithful with other peoples things, why should you be trusted with things of your own?


The purpose of the National Prayer breakfast is to give our nation that spiritual Strength which is available to those who will but ask for it; to renew and strengthen those bonds of brotherhood with the faithful across our country and around the world; and to give us the opportunity to ask God’s guidance as well as express our gratitude for that which he has given us and recognize Jesus as our common ground.


CFYDDI Presence at the11th Pan- African Literacy For All Conference (PALFA)

IMG_8697CFYDDI Team Leader Enoch Magala welcoming the President of the Republic of Uganda HE. President Yoweri kaguta Museveni at the Pan_ African Literacy For All Conference.

His Excellence President Yoweri Kaguta Museven President of the republic of Uganda encouraged Ugandans to master reading and writing skills, saying it is a crucial issue that it should not be ignored as a key to personal transformation and national development.
The president underlined the importance of literacy by assuring Ugandans that the government is committed to ensuring all Ugandans are literate. Speaking to over 1000 delegates from over 40 countries to a forum of experts. On the Theme: Literacy: A Bridge to Equity from 20th-22nd August 2019!!
Uganda host for the second time the conference on behalf of Africa, after hosting it in 2003 and it’s the only literacy conference on the continent. in attendance was also the International Literacy association Executive Director Ms. Marcie Craig Post.


The Minister of State for primary Education. Hon: Rosemary Seninde at the centre franked by the Ministry of education Officials, Ms Marcie Craig Post the exective Director for International Literacy Association far right,  Chairperson International Development Committee- Africa (IDC-A) Ms. Margaret Muthiga first on the left hand and the patron for Reading association of Uganda Mrs. Tumusiime Loy.

Opening of CFYDDI Community Library by The Minister of State for primary Education Hon: Rosemary Seninde Opens a bigger opportunity for CFYDDI Community library team to benefit from the first lady’s Scholarship to participate at the 11th Pan- African Literacy For All Conference (PALFA)
The first lady, Honourable Janet Kataha Museveni who heads the ministry of Education and Sports. Benefiting from the first lady scholarship scheme to attend the 11th PALF conference is recognizing the community work we undertake at the community level.
The brief from the state minister for primary education Hon: Seninde on community libraries interests the first lady who picked interest in the community library initiatives and she started by inviting representatives at the literacy conference and we look forward to further meaningful engagement.
Organized by the Reading Association of Uganda (RAU), and the education ministry, the conference provided a platform for literacy experts and researchers to come up with various interventions and findings that will position literacy as a bridge to equity.


The three- day conference brought together delegates including researchers, policy makers, sociologists, multilateral partners, curriculum specialists and literacy educators. The discussions rotated on nine sub-themes such as literacy teaching and coaching across the curriculum, early childhood teaching and learning, gender and sustainable literacy equity, and literacy for equitable student achievement.


During a Group photo with the ministry of Education officials and the Guest of Honour Minister of State For Primary Education Hon: Rosemary Seninde after officially opening the 11the Pan- African Literacy Conference at Serena Hotel.


Children from various schools during a joint  presentation. Amongst the key note speakers lined up included Prof. Mohmood Mamdani, Dr. Sakil Malik, Dr. Robinah Kyeyune and Dr. Wendy saul.

Compiled by CFYDDI Communications team.


The Minister of State for Primary Education Hon: Nansubuga Rosemary Seninde (MP) officially opens CFYDDI Community Library.

A Book in Every Child’s Home And in Every Village!

we were delighted to welcome the minister of state for primary Education as chief guest who officially opened CFYDDI community library on the 26th/ July/ 2019. the event graced by many of community leaders, opinion leaders, school children, head teachers,other community libraries across the country. the minister in her speech pledged her support to ensure more community libraries exist in communities were the majority of people live without constraining to walk long distances. community libraries are endeavoring to demystify the book in our rural communities by making reading materials available and medical books and health programs are undertaken at community levels for free and with much ease thus contributing to fight against illiteracy, ignorance, poverty and diseases.


Minister of State for Primary Education Hon. Rosemary Nansubuga


Enoch Magala CFYDDI Team Leader Shows around the Minister of State for Primary Education Hon. Rosemary Nansubuga Seninde During the official opening of CFYDDI Community Library


Children waiting to welcome the Guest of Honor: The minister of state for primar Education.

IMG_7597.JPGGroup picture with the guests who attended the official opening.


Hon Minister while delivering her speech.


Enoch shows around the Minister Inside CFYDDI Community Library.


Exhibitions by various community library members across the country.


CFYDDI_ Women With A Purpose (WWAP) display the crafts they do on top of weekly saving to boost their house hold incomes.


Prof. kate Parry the founder of Uganda Community library association and the Hon: Mister of state listen to CFYDDI original community library song from Still entertainment group.


Enoch CFYDDI team Leader speaks to the press after the official opening of the community library.


The ministers official vehicle waits as she speaks to the press team at the CFYDDI Youth centre.


The minister of State for Primary Education concluded the event with a call to all Ugandans educated not to shy away from rural communities. she said there are many opportunities for graduates to service community other than staying in cities unemployed. she was excited that all the work was being championed by young people in their 30″.something she said was interesting to learn about. she called upon parents to ensure that children and communities take advantage of such initiatives that support government programs and called on others to learn from our service model.

Report compiled by CFYDDI communications team.


CFYDDI Hosts the Annual Parent-Teacher Meeting


Here at CFYDDI, we believe that an essential component to a child’s educational growth is support from the parents.  To that end, the teachers at CFYDDI’s Early Childhood Learning Centre hosted their annual Parent-Teacher meeting on Friday, July 13th, 2018 after the conclusion of the first annual Sports Gala Day.

Madam Iren, Madam Grace, Madam Glibwa and Madam Oliva met with over 50 parents in the CFYDDI Conference Centre in order to keep parents informed about their child’s development at the school.  The main purposes of the meeting include the following:

  • To provide updates on the student’s individual academic progress
  • To identify areas of improvement for each student academically and socially
  • To encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education
  • To foster a closer relationship between the teachers and the students
  • To update parents on specific school programs
  • To promote appreciation of education and literacy for child development
  • To update parents on information pertaining to the Ministry of Education
  • To inform parents on specific approaches to education taken with particular students

Prossy leads discussion with attendants in the CFYDDI Community Conference Centre

The teachers and staff at CFYDDI want to thank all parents who came out to attend the Parent-Teacher Meeting.  By supporting and encouraging the growth and learning of our young students we will help ensure they partake in and contribute to Uganda’s bright future!

CFYDDI Launches the #WhatWomenWant Campaign in Ndazabazzadde

Approximately 300,000 women and girls around the world die each year during pregnancy and childbirth, while countless others are left with disabilities and morbidities as a result of obstetric complications. The World Health Organization recently reported that Uganda has a maternal mortality rate of 343 per 100,000 births, making it one of the highest risk countries in the world when it comes to maternal health.

As maternal and reproductive health are issues central to our cause, the Centre For Youth Driven Development has launched and is joining the global #WhatWomanWant campaign to reach out to over 1000 women and girls in the community, beginning at our headquarters here in Ndazabazzadde, Wakiso District.  #WhatWomenWant is a global advocacy campaign that aims to improve the quality of maternal and reproductive healthcare for women and girls by amplifying their voices, listening to their concerns and supporting their ideas on how to improve the problems and barriers they face towards strengthening health systems.


Director Enoch Magala and medical electives student Sarah Peters announce the launch of CFYDDI’s #WhatWomenWant campaign to parents in Ndazabazzadde

In 2018, the campaign is connecting with women and girls in countries and communities around the world to learn, first hand, what women want changed in all aspects of their health care and treatment relating to maternity and reproduction.  In 2019, the campaign will work towards putting these objectives into action through coordinated advocacy campaigns seeking to drive policy changes and engage with healthcare providers.

Maternal and reproductive health is of particular significance in Uganda, which had the sixth highest fertility rate in the world in 2017 with approximately 5.71 children born per woman.  The country suffers from a high maternal mortality rate, limited access to health care services, understaffing and underfunding at hospitals and clinics and a relatively low rate of health literacy.  Additionally, the country has a low usage rate of contraceptives and family planning, a high rate of teenage pregnancies and, in certain communities, cultural barriers to women seeking professional maternal care.  Despite efforts by the government to promote maternal health through the national Safe Motherhood Programme, the country remains behind on its objectives.

On launch day, the campaign had participation from over twenty of the seventy women who attended CFYDDI’s first annual Sports Gala Day.  CFYDDI is currently sharing the #WhatWomenWant photo survey with women and girls in Ndazabazzadde and neighbouring communities and will be reaching out at future events and in new locations of Buvuma Island and Rural Namulesa village in Jinja to meet with, listen to and embrace the ideas of women and girls who are demanding change.  Responses collected through our reach will be used to create a global picture of what women want and national advocacy agendas to help policy makers respond to the demands of women and girls.


CFYDDI Team Member Florence added her voice to the thousands of women and girls around the world speaking up for positive change in maternal and reproductive health

Working together is by far the best way to effect real change. If you want to help CFYDDI reach out to more women and girls, please visit our Global Giving page and dedicate your support towards the #WhatWomenWant Campaign.  Together, we can help grow a global movement for quality maternal and reproductive health care for women and girls by helping governments, health professionals, private health providers and civil society organizations better understand what is most important to women and by continuing to push for positive change!

To see our growing campaign in action, visit our Facebook page here.

CFYDDI Early Learning Centre hosts the inaugural Sports Gala Day!

IMG_3967 (1) While academic learning is important, children must also be given opportunities to exercise, play and compete in sports events in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Friday, July 15, 2018, was a defining moment for CFYDDI’s Early Learning Centre, which hosted over two hundred students, family and friends for the first annual Sports Gala Day.  The event was a resounding success that featured friendly competition between the aspiring young athletes from the Early Learning Centre.


Teams Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange show off their dancing skills under the watchful eye of Judge Richard

Teams Blue, Orange, Yellow and Red competed valiantly in numerous athletic and spirit events, including tyre races, musical chairs, group chanting and choreographed dancing, led by their spirited coaches Madam Iren, Madam Hope, Madam Oliva and Madam Glibwa.  The enthusiastic crowd of parents and family members cheered and danced much like the French and Croatian supporters at the 2018 World Cup Finals.


Some parents could not contain their excitement – and decided to compete in the three-legged race themselves!

Judge Richard from nearby Spire High School judged the four teams based on the results of the various sporting events, team discipline, team spirit and coaching.  After carefully calculating the scores, Richard awarded the trophy to… Team Yellow, in front of a roaring crowd!


Team Yellow was crowned the Winner of the 2018 Sports Gala Day

At the conclusion of the day’s events, the athletes and supporters alike were treated to a nourishing meal, followed by a meeting between the parents and teachers in the CFYDDI Conference Centre.

In the end, the Sports Gala was a day to be enjoyed by all.  This celebration of Centre spirit, teamwork and competition was a wonderful reminder of the importance of exercise and the value of sport to children’s development.  As well, it was a great opportunity for the teachers, children and parents of the Early Learning Centre to join together as a community in support of education and learning.  We are already counting down the days to next year’s event!


Everyone wins when we’re having fun!

Thanks must be extended to Madam Prossy, the master of ceremonies who helped direct the athletes before each event, Alex Kalume for his work as a masterful DJ and to the Centre Team Leader Enoch Magala for helping organize the logistics of the day’s events.