“Dental Unmet needs” Uganda oral conditions are of less priority in the midst of competing infectious and non-communicable diseases!


October 2017 dental Camp Attracts over 200 patients but the team see’s and attend to 125 patients and a whooping 75 teeth extracted over 4 days!!!! To Dr. Rebecca, Dr. David and Dr. Chris thanks so much for your community professional presence and to relieve pain

Investing in dental care, Hygiene and Sanitation is at the heart of CFYDDI health agenda.


Above while conducting tutorials on how to properly take care and brush your teeth, providing toothbrushes and toothpaste at the center .


Monash Medical Student during the 2017 dental  awareness community drive.



Community children follow tutorials on how to properly take care and brush your teeth!






Our initiative aims at serving rural and remote communities which have little or absolutely no access to dental healthcare services


A community child demonstrates after being tough how to was hands clean.

And while on the outreach drives, we combine dental awareness campaigns alongside the Water and Sanitation (WASH) campaign with the aim to improve the Hygiene and Sanitation health status of communities by increasing awareness of the risk of water borne diseases and knowledge on how to wash properly our hands.


2017 Monash Medical students teaching on the tooth shape and its function and the reason why we should keep our teeth clean.


Dr. David looking at the long line of those who had turned up to see the dentist!

Having the majority of the population as poor, young and living in rural areas would imply that affordable and public dental services should be widely spread to meet the needs of the population.





CFYDDI Team standing behind and Monash Medical Students 2017 at the front pose for a grand picture


There is delayed use of contraception in rural areas!

During the Family Planing summit in London, Uk, To discuss the 2020 agenda that attracted over 36 countries, Uganda renewed her commitment to increase family planning for all and during the 2nd National family planning conference here in Kampala was the opportunity to engage a wider scoop of actors that would compliment government!


These include us community based organisations that are on the ground, Hon: Members of parliament, Health Department officials, Ministry of Health officials, Line ministries, people with disabilities, young people, district local councils, religious leaders,  cultural leaders, as well as development partners where all present during the conversations to underline the challenges and what needs to be done.


DFID Executive Director giving her key note address.

Among the key note speakers Miriam Namugera, the principle nursing officers of the ministry of health said family planning is important to fight unintended pregnancies. In her address she said that the recent Uganda demographic health survey indicates that out of 100 girls below the age of 16 have become pregnant.

The Minister of state for health Dr. Aceng promised to involve community health extension workers to reach out to those that are not accessing family planning services due to geographical, economic, and social barriers.


The Minister of state for health Dr. Aceng speaking to the press as the countries chief planer Dr. Kisamba Mugewra listens.

Alian Sibenaler, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFP) country representative, said the theme is pertinent for Uganda as it looks towards attaining middle –income status.


The delegates gather for a group picture with the guests of Honor The minster of state for health.

With access to appropriate information and services, young people can truly plan for schooling, work, and childbearing on their terms.

And through our SHARE community and schools program CFYDDI continues to raise awareness among the youth about the risk behaviors that cause unwanted pregnancies.


Dr. Musingunzi on the right and Mr. Alain Sibenaler the UNFPA Representative in the middle during the closing ceremony of the conference.

CFYDDI participation and many others in such national conferences promotes a bottom top learning opportunity and exposure of the rural communities to the big concerns of the world where every person has a role to play! this provided a great opportunity for youth advocates to meet with champions but also provide the champions an opportunity to hear often the unheard rural voices that struggle to access contraception.

Kindly Invest in our well-Being through this festive season.

Friends, here at CFYDDI we will not stop bring you our community voices and thanking you again for investing in our well- being!


Informing you on how you can continue supporting our community effort and better our work and letting you know our funding needs.

Here at CFYDDI we are always finding cheaper ways to provide a service for everyone in rural communities in education, healthcare and community self help initiatives. Some of our program supporters, field travelers, and ambassadors from Global Giving and elsewhere have visited us here at CFYDDI and verified the work we are doing and we have been vetted by Global Giving’s rigorous due diligence process and this has further been cemented by 2 of our supporters giving us a score of 10 with the following feedback:

Those who started this still work all day, every day to make sure that children are safe, healthy and educated. They do not use the money for anything else. They continue to expand their services as they are able. CFYDDI is truly an example of what an on-ground non-profit should look like. We know the people, we know their work. We shall continue our support gladly.”

“Good cause, worth supporting” Build a Community Centre for 300 Ugandan Youth


Thanks to all those that have been visiting us and for all the feedback we received from you. We want more opportunities to get feedback directly from you all. This feedback is valuable in understanding more about how you our supporters react to our project reports and programs as this provides an opportunity for you to share your thoughts on the work that we are doing and as a result you help us improve our work and how we can improve and build more partnerships.

We kindly invite you to recommend our projects to a friend, Family member, or colleague for fundraising through this coming festive season.

More funding support of $4046 will allow us;

• Buy play items for children to swing, run around, and equip children’s play Conner that suits a modern play and learning center,

• Pay a stipend allowance for care takers;

• Pay an allowance for the teachers and volunteers,

• Put a meal on the table for the children,

• Enroll more vulnerable children attend the Early Child Development program,

• Pay for learning materials and visual aid,

• Paint the chairs and study rooms for children with attractive colors’,

• Paving the ground to cover the mud when it rains.

Together we can do more to bring meaningful services in previously undeserved communities.


Quote from Michael Rothwell’s the Global Giving In-the-Field Traveler

Dear Friends and to you all our development partners! In June this year 2017 Global Giving Field Traveler was at the Centre for Youth Driven Development Initiatives.

We were thrilled to welcome and host Michael Rothwell at the Centre.

We bring you Michael Rothwell’s quotation after he received a brief and inspected the CFYDDI Initiatives’ programs

Below is CFYDDI Early Children Children pose for a picture with Michael Rothwell of Global Giving.


Quote from Michael Rothwell’s the Global Giving In-the-Field Traveler

“The Centre for Youth Driven Development Initiatives is doing incredible work for their local community, supporting them through their large variety of programs. Their success is a testament to the dedication of their team in Uganda”

Friends and to you all our development partners, you are always welcome to advise, comment and visit CFYDDI site. Global Giving’s site visits are an important part of their work, and their team is always so excited to be able to meet, support, and learn from their nonprofit partners in the field.

So, thank you all who support our work through the Global Giving campaigns and other many ways for being a part of this program every year!

Michael Rothwell shared some feedback about his experience with CFYDDI, and gave us some valuable content. Thank you Rothwell for your time with CFYDDI staff and all the children from Ndazabazadde community.

Nineth Commonwealth Youth Ministers meeting since July 31st to August 4th. On the Theme ; “Resourcing and financing youth development, empowering young people.”

Secretary-General: Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC in Uganda!

The Rt Hon Patricia Scotland QC is the sixth Commonwealth Secretary-General.
She was born in Dominica. She is the second Secretary-General from the Caribbean and the first woman to hold the post.

Dear friends’, reporting from CFYDDI here in Uganda, Patricia Scotland is in the country for the nineth Commonwealth Youth Ministers meeting since July 31st to August 4th. The theme for the meeting is; “Resourcing and financing youth development, empowering young people.”

Your decisions to support CFYDDI work directly falls into the theme of the Nineth Commonwealth Youth Ministers meeting happening now here in Uganda and we would like to use this same chance and timing to acknowledge you all, honor you and appreciate you all for your individual and collective support you have extended to the work of the Center for Youth Driven Development Initiatives (CFYDDI).


Its because of people like you that countless individual in rural communities of Uganda are living with much hope. With your support, you have enable CFYDDI make meaningful and measurable contribution to Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) No: 1 (No poverty) SDG No 4: (Quality Education), SDG 10: Reduce Inequality, SDG 6: (Clean Water and Sanitation), and SDG 3: (Good Health and well- Being) this is a huge contribution that you make possible.


As a result among other things, you have worked in helping more young people, children and women access, better health, Education, clean water and employment opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

Thank you again for helping to empower rural community individuals and strengthening vulnerable communities that we serve! Your engagement is a vital part of future success.

Together, we are building the kind of world we want all our children and grandchildren to live in.


From everyone at the Center For Youth Driven Development Initiatives (CFYDDI)- wishing you all the very best and thanks for choosing to work with us with all your support and dedication.

The huge reservoir of the unemployed youth is a big opportunity for Uganda- Museveni

Yesterday the Head of State, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni delivered the State of the Nation Address to Parliament and the general public at Serena Conference Centre, Kampala.

The State of the Nation address marks the beginning of the new session of Parliament and  is delivered in the fulfillment of the Constitutional requirement under article 101 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic Uganda which states that “The President shall, at the beginning of each session of Parliament, deliver to Parliament an address on the state of the nation.

In his address the President noted that huge numbers of the young people in the country is a very big opportunity for the nation and must therefore be harnessed. Museveni said that the youth, who make up a big part of the population, and are idle due to lack of jobs, can be turned around with “a little bit of training, equipment and operational capital.”  He however, discouraged the youth especially those in urban areas to venture into agriculture. “This massive number of young people is a huge force for production. They should go into industry and services. Do not send them to the villages into agriculture,” he said. Citing that even America where many people want to go has only 2% of its population in Agriculture.

He acknowledged that the huge reservoir of the unemployed and property-less youth was a huge opportunity which should be transformed into wealth and job creators. “They are the ones to save us from imports and also generate exports using our huge natural resources and our comparative advantages. “ he said.

The President said that youth in Kalerwe, along Gayaza Road, had complained to him of being arrested for being “idle and disorderly.”
Arresting them for being idle and disorderly must stop. These youth are idle because they have no jobs,” he said.

The President also mentioned some of the interventions that have been put in place to empower the young people especially the girls in Kampala. “Through my State House Comptroller, I am now supporting 711 young girls to do baking, embroidery, textile weaving, shoe making, knitting, e.t.c .” he said.  “Every intake of six months costs Sh486m, including giving them lunch and daily transport of sh 2000 per person. “ he added. The President noted that this intervention will be decentralized to all the divisions of Kampala so that the beneficiaries don’t need to travel long distances.

The President pledged to support the youth who are into production by setting up for them manufacturing sheds at Abayita Ababiri and show rooms for their products in Kampala.

Uganda has one of the youngest populations in the world and therefore measures must be put in place so as to turn this huge force into productive work in order to develop the economy and spur growth in the country.


Poverty is a complex reality, but it is not inevitable. It is universal issue impacting all countries from the South to the North causing misery, especially to women and girls. While further weakening those who are already affected, factors, such as conflicts, climate change, economic and financial crises, create new poor people in every society.

The International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is celebrated every year on the 17th of October. Its objective is to draw attention to the importance of poverty eradication for building sustainable futures for all.

People living in poverty face increasingly difficult challenges as climate change, environmental degradation and rising food prices threaten their livelihoods and survival chance. The path to sustainable development must ensure that people living in poverty are included in decision-making processes and that concrete action is taken to respond to their needs and demands. Through resolution adopted on the 22nd of December 1992, the General Assembly invited all States to devote this day to presenting and promoting concrete activities with regard to the eradication of poverty and destitution.

This year theme is “Moving from Humiliation and Exclusion to Participation: Ending Poverty in All Its Forms”. This selected theme in consultation with activists, civil society and non-governmental organisations highlights how it is important to recognise and address the humiliation and exclusion endured by many people living in poverty.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to “end poverty in all its forms everywhere” explicitly recognises that poverty results not only from the lack of just one aspect, but also from many different interrelated aspects that affect the lives of people living in paucity. This means we must go beyond seeing poverty merely as the lack of income or what is necessary for material well-being such as food, housing, land, and other assets – in order to fully understand poverty in its multiple dimensions.

We, at CFYDDI, believe that building a sustainable future requires us to intensify our efforts towards eradicating extreme poverty and discrimination as well as ensuring that everyone can fully exercise their human rights. The full participation of people living in poverty, particularly in the decisions that affect their lives and communities, must be at the centre of policies and strategies to build a sustainable future. In this way, we can guarantee that our planet and our societies can fulfil the needs and aspirations of everyone, without leaving anyone behind, especially those of youth and future generations.

Therefore, let us work together to achieve the total eradication of poverty in all its forms throughout the world.

Happy International Day for the Eradication of Poverty!